Not In Our Stars

by Et Tu Brute

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released February 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Et Tu Brute Chicago, Illinois

Et Tu Brute is a midwestern-style punk rock band from Chicago/Cicero Illinois. Et Tu Brute was formed by ex-members of Chicago local punk act X Is For Eyes, and current members of Duller Colors and Aim At Your Enemies.

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Track Name: Hydrocodone II
Who made you judge and jury to say I can't just stop at will, concede sometimes?
Unfortunately, this will not compensate for my complete lack of spine
Find myself under the knife again, when will it end, when will it end?
Hospital halls, white coats, pill bottles, secure that I'm insecure
Looks like this time I've played the hand too close,
I know they'll know for sure.
Now here comes the intervention, sporadic twists and turns again
For now I'm only completely forgetting, forgot, forgiven.
At least I'm fucking sound of mind, aren't I?
Where the hell am I, where the hell am I?
Over water, porcelain, assume the position
The bathroom floor is much more comfortable than I imagined.
Take aim, take aim, let my sorrow devour my pain,
There is no sense in addiction, it's fiction
Pain my devour sorry my let aim take.
Track Name: Focus Schmocus
Twenty-two, with twenty-two pounds to lose
I'm a special kind of fake, sporting a twenty-three foot smile
Criticizing my critiques, from my head to my knees
I'm a disbeliever, ill achiever merely sharpening his skills.
Smoke more than I breath, and in between
I'm chewing my nails to bloody nubs, nervous habits
without a revealing cause...
Should you believe in me? Should I believe in myself?
The answer lies in guilty lies, for I despise me more than anyone.
And it seems that there is no denying, the artist inside me is dying
and I would give anything for him back.
These pictures evoke vague reminders, pay tribute to all who remember
that it's the greatest virtue in which I lack.
Track Name: To Things Working Out
I've been searching for the perfect words
the perfect verse
some belletristic means to convey that which you mean to me.
But as for now I think this shall suffice
you've gone and changed my life for better none for worse
and from the ashes of quote unquote "former loves" emerges something perfect.
It's as if I've found a brand new life
something always there but never realized.
Prior admonishments distilled my taste for beauty.
Now I see things voluntarily,
you'll never possess me
nor will I ever force you;
this is the essence that draws us closer.
Track Name: Vengeance! Via Song.
Distinguishing nothing,
I'm waiting for emphasis
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it now...
These ties have come unglued.
Two years time, two years two years time, two years time
and you're hooked on dramatics still
playing the same games still
blacking out in bars still
brooding over the loss of friends you never had from the start.
I'll paint this plain for you, as if you could not would not understand I have pride in what I do, wish I could say the same for you.
And I trusted you, I trusted you, I trusted you and now I see that
Trust was the issue from the start
a fickle, fleeting form called a heart.
This is vengeance, via song.
Sing your songs my friend,
I'll never be here for you again.
Track Name: Tell Me How You Really Feel
No glory, no pride, no conviction in this art
I'm a caricature of myself
I want the lifestyle without the words,
and slight variations of these chords.
Seriously serious, I treat this as a business
with an overwhelming absence of ethics, common sense, or moral character.
Despite my friends who merely stand in my way
of becoming the greatest insult to myself
and to my health, no peace for my health.
And it's easier than it seems,
to fool those fifteen-year-olds into thinking
They've found something worth while.
So I'll call up all my friends and ex's
because I can't stand a single second alone with myself.
For fear that I fear this is true:
I am the fool, who merely plays these shows for you.
Critiquing all others without turing the glass inward,
but perhaps that glass was half-empty all the while.
Track Name: Dellwood Park
This is a sincere apology for how I've been acting lately
I know I have not been myself.
Walking in the pouring rain in the midst of Dellwood Park,
I am trying to figure out my life,
I am trying to do something right for once.
I'm walking forward, but staring backwards,
because the future scares me half to death
I haven't ate or slept or dreamt in days,
since there are things on my mind I can't help but regret.
This is a plea for the sanity, to aid the needy.
This is a cure for the insecure, to come to grips with this.
I haven't helped myself in such a long, long, long time
I can't remember what it's like to be glad for the way things are,
to sit back let things fall into place.