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Dear my friend,
This is the last song I will ever write with you in mind. Because vengeance is bitter-sweet, recompense falls underneath, and these lines end in the trash cans of my mind. I wonder if I am the one who's lost it after all. Football season's over or at least that's what I thought. I've had the time to let it simmer, boil and burn. And the stand-up cynics of our time only made me laugh the first time around. Just like old trio songs, I've played them all out. Tired hairlines on scratched vinyl records. I've made up my mind to never settle down. I am formed, fleshed, maxed out; like my undergrad loans and graduate receipts.
Now I lose sleep at night with concern for my rent. And I look back on panic attacks with warm sentiment. And I'd undo the past if it meant that I could do it all again, and dear my friend, my dearest friend.


from Risk EP, released March 3, 2014



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Et Tu Brute Chicago, Illinois

Et Tu Brute is a midwestern-style punk rock band from Chicago/Cicero Illinois. Et Tu Brute was formed by ex-members of Chicago local punk act X Is For Eyes, and current members of Duller Colors and Aim At Your Enemies.

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