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"Dude my biggest fear is that I'll take a road that will lead me into just like plain loneliness. And like, I don't want that, but I don't want to live a life that like I'm really really unhappy with. And like, everything practical seems like the right decision, but everything impractical seems like a better decision."

I don't want to be fat and old forever, and feeling like this. And by feeling like this I mean feeling like, feeling like shit. Let us try to be honest for once, paint the picture as it might seem to us. It is a matter of taste, a matter of style, a matter of aesthetic. When all the while. I feel disheartened by the truth, as it might seem to you. I am the ultimate cynic, delightfully inconsistent, a walking contradiction. I am the ultimate hypocrite. I digress lets get to the final question:

Where do you stand when all your heroes have failed you?


from Risk EP, released March 3, 2014
Opening quote: August R Deuser



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Et Tu Brute Chicago, Illinois

Et Tu Brute is a midwestern-style punk rock band from Chicago/Cicero Illinois. Et Tu Brute was formed by ex-members of Chicago local punk act X Is For Eyes, and current members of Duller Colors and Aim At Your Enemies.

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